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Burd-Kroft Propagation Inc. is a propagation nursery located 30 minutes west of London Ontario in the township of Strathroy-Caradoc.
The Garden Centre is open to the public. Visit the Garden Centre to see a wide selection of plants.
Liners are sold to wholesale nurseries.

Garden Centre

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Welcome To Burd-Kroft Propagation Inc.

We pride ourselves on selling quality plants for affordable prices!

Burd-Kroft Propagation Inc. is a wholesale nursery and garden centre which is family owned and operated.

The garden centre offers many varieties of vegetable plants, herbs, annuals, perennials, flowering shrubs, evergreens and ornamental grasses from May-September.

In November and December, the garden centre sells cut branches for making winter arrangements. Curly willow and dogwood branches are sold in their natural colours. Different varieties of pussy willow and greens are also available. Burd-Kroft garden centre supplies pre-made outdoor urns, swags and wreaths.

As a wholesale nursery, Burd-Kroft Propagation Inc. propagates approximately 160 varieties of flowering shrubs, evergreens and ornamental grasses. Plugs are made in an Ellepot with a size equivalent to 2.5” pot. Most evergreen cuttings are bare-rooted. Grafted evergreens are in a 2.5" to 3.5" pot.

In addition to propagating ornamental liners, Burd-Kroft Propagation Inc. also supplies curly willow, pussy willow and dogwood branches to garden centres and florists.