Our Company History

Kody Van der Kroft has worked in the horticulture industry for most of his life. As a teenager, Kody worked at his parents’ propagation nursery. Through Kody’s young adult years, he completed the Horticulture Program and worked for different nurseries to gain knowledge in other areas of the industry.

Pamela Burdick worked at various nurseries during the summers while she was receiving a post-secondary education.

Kody and Pam met while working at a nursery.  Several years later they were married.

Pam and Kody shared a desire to have their own nursery.  In 2009, they rented land to open their own wholesale propagation nursery. In the beginning, they propagated flowering shrubs. In addition to propagation, Burd-Kroft Propagation grew and supplied curly willow, pussy willow and dogwood cut branches to garden centres and florists.

In 2014, Kody and Pam purchased land and was able to expand their nursery. As years past, Burd-Kroft Propagation increased their inventory to propagate ornamental grasses, bare-rooted and grafted evergreens.

In 2020, Burd-Kroft Propagation opened a seasonal garden centre to the public in the Strathroy-Caradoc area. The garden centre is open in the months of May through to September, November and December.

In 2021, Burd-Kroft Propagation became incorporated.

Pam and Kody would like to thank all friends and family that have helped over the years.  They have truly appreciated everyone’s support.

Kody and Pam have enjoyed talking with customers, discussing issues related to the industry and doing their best to provide quality plants.  Burd-Kroft Propagation Inc. will continue with the same passion and quality.

Thank you for choosing Burd-Kroft Propagation Inc.

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