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Garden Centre Hours: Re-open May 1, 2024 for the Spring season.

Garden Centre

Choose From Our Wide Variety Of Plants That Are Sure To Brighten Up Your Garden

Details About Garden Centre

We welcome customers to take their time and explore the gardens to get the creative ideas flowing.

We will do our best to answer questions and suggest plants to fit your garden. If we cannot supply the plant you need, we are happy to recommend another garden centre. Our goal is to help, anyway we can.

We accept cash, debit and credit.  Taxes are included in all prices.

Our plants are propagated and grown at our nursery.

We do our best to supply quality and affordable plants.

The plants listed are varieties that we have grown and for reference purposes.  We cannot guarantee that every plant on the website will be in stock in the garden centre. In addition, we are frequently adding new varieties to the garden centre that may not be on the website.

General Tips On Plants

Full Sun: 6hrs and more

Partial Sun: 4hrs to 6hrs

Full Shade: 4hrs and less

Slow growth rate: up to 1’ (30cm) in a growing season

Moderate growth rate: 1’ to 2’ (30cm to 60cm) in a growing season

Fast growth rate: 2’ (60cm) and more

Most varieties prefer rich, moist and well-drained soil.

After planting, apply fertilizer (follow instructions on the package) and water.

Vegetables/herbs: plant in the ground when the nights are warm (10 C+) and in full sun.

Melons: plant in the ground when the nights are 15 C+ and in full sun. Plant melons on a hill or make a mound. Melons can grow along the ground or up a trellis.

Water plants as needed, most plants do not like to grow in standing water.

Perennials and Grasses: in early Spring cut out dead material.

Shrubs: for the first couple of years cut back in early Spring approximately a foot above the ground to increase bushier growth, after that, do a light pruning every year to maintain shape and size, however, if the shrub flowers in Spring, prune soon after flowering has finished. If you do a hard prune annually, the shrub will not reach mature height.

Spruce and Pine: in Spring, pinch the centre candle growing on the sides of the plant to increase branching and maintain compact form.

Cedar and Falsecypress: in Spring, light pruning up the sides to maintain shape.