Canna Lilies

Canna Lily




Tropical plant. Blooms shades of red or orange flowers. Canna have very large green, purple or green-purple foliage. 

Bloom Period: Summer

Growth Habit: Upright

Mature Height: 6’ (180cm)

Mature Spread: 3’ (90cm)

Growth Rate: Fast

More Details

Sun Exposure: Full sun 

Pruning Tip: Deadhead spent blooms to encourage flowering. 

Garden Tip: In the Spring, plant the tubers in the garden. If overwintered in the house, the canna plant can go outside in a container when the nights are warm. 

Winter Tips: In Autumn, cut the stalks to the ground. Dig up the tubers and store in a cool and dry location. Do not let the tubers freeze. If overwintering the plant in a container, bring indoors and keep in a warm location. Allow direct sunlight daily. Do not over water.