Alcea rosea


Biennial. Blooms in the second year. Self-seed.

Varieties we have grown;
Chaters Double Mixed Hollyhock (double flower)
Dwarf Majorette Mix Hollyhock (dwarf, double flower)
Giant Single Mixed Hollyhock (single flower)
Nigra Hollyhock (dark purple single flower)

Bloom Period: Summer 

Growth Habit: Upright and clumping

Mature Height: 3' to 8' (90 cm to 2.4m)

Mature Spread: 1' to 2' (30 cm to 60 cm)

Growth Rate: Fast

More Details

Sun Exposure: Full sun 

Cold Hardiness Zone: 5

Cut flower

Attract birds, butterflies and hummingbirds

Deer resistant

Garden Tips: Plant near a fence or wall for support. May require staking if planted in an exposed area.

Landscape Uses: Foundation planting and garden accent