Burd-Kroft Propagation Inc. Offers The Highest Quality of Liners

Details About Wholesale Process

Our liners require one year to establish roots and growth, customers are asked to order one year in advance.   

To place an order, we ask customers to click on WHOLESALE ORDER FORM link. Feel free to contact us, if you have questions.

An acknowledgement of order will be emailed along with an invoice for a 25% deposit with in 48hrs of sending an order. This deposit will be used as a credit on the invoice when the order is shipped during the regular shipping season.

First time customers are required to complete a confidential account application and prepay before the shipment date.

A tentative availability is posted throughout the winter months of the surplus of liners. Customers are welcome to order from the availability anytime from January to June. Orders from the availability will be a first come first served basis, after orders from previous year are completed.

We will contact customers in May to confirm shipping arrangements. We will deliver, but customers are welcome to pick up their orders. Plants will be shipped at the end of May (decrease risk of frost), however, if customers have a heated greenhouse then there is a possibility of plants being shipped earlier. We do not ship outside of Canada.

Customers are welcome to order cut branches anytime throughout the year. However, the branches are shippable from November to March. If ordering in the fall, please place the order at least a month before the shipping date. If ordering from January to March, please place the order at least a week before the shipping date. We do not ship cut branches outside of a 200km radius FOB Strathroy, Ontario.

Maintenance of Liners

Shrubs- recommended to store liners in a protective structure with partial shade and water daily until planted

Bare-rooted evergreens- store in a cooler or cool location and keep roots moist until planted, liners should be planted within 1 to 2 days after receiving plants

Grasses- the plugs require light watering

Elijah Blue grass- recommended to store in a cool and shaded location, roots need to stay cool

Shrubs- plant the top of plug under the soil line, the uncovered part will act like a wick and the plant will dry unevenly and faster

Grafted evergreens- remove elastic before planting and plant the union below the soil line

Elijah Blue grass- recommended to keep in a shaded location, roots need to stay cool